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Our Weighbridges

Type Interval Measuring range Useful size Loadcells’ number
MTHM-06 weighbridge 10 kg 30.000 kg 6x3 m 4 pcs
MTHM-08 weighbridge 10 kg 30.000 kg 8x3 m 4 pcs
MTHM-09 weighbridge 10 kg 30.000 kg 9x3 m 6 pcs
MTHM-10 weighbridge 10 kg 30.000 kg 10x3 m 6 pcs
MTHM-12 weighbridge 20 kg 40.000-50.000 kg 12x3 m 6 pcs
MTHM-14 weighbridge 20 kg 60.000 kg 14x3 m 8 pcs
MTHM-16 weighbridge 20 kg 60.000 kg 16x3 m 8 pcs
MTHM-18 weighbridge 20 kg 60.000 kg 18x3 m 8 pcs
MTHM-20 weighbridge 20 kg 60.000 kg 20x3 m 8 db

Short description of our MTHM type weighbridge

We are really proud of introducing our MTHM type of weighbridges or truckscales, manufactured in our factory, made of steel, with welding procedure. We offer to our customers a very high quality, reliable, easy to handle construction. The weighbridges can be ordered up to 6-20 meters lengths and 10 -60 tons of maximum weighing capacity. The bridges of 8-12 meters are made up of two parts, bridges of 14-20 meters are made up of three parts.

The bridges contain IPE 240 main beams and IPE 240 cross beams covered with 8 mm ribbed plate. Load cells are placed into the IPE 240 main beams, under the truck wheels, therefore weighing is extremely precise while the load cells are perfectly protected by the plate.

We install our weighbridges with Rinstrum 420 indicators which are made in Germany. The R400 series of indicators are designed with both the installer and operator in mind and cover a wide range of applications. They are engineered and built to last with reliability being foremost. The modular design allows for the installation to be commisioned with only the components required, saving time and money. The computer can be attached to this indicator with an RS 232 cable.

Key features of Rinstrum load cells:

  • Flexibility is the key with its award winning modular accessory design. Modules include: additional serial options, input/outputs, analogue outputs, external buttons, Ethernet, Alibi (Data Storage Device) and battery or AC option.
  • Superior housings - two housing types are available:
    • R420 (ABS)
    • R423 (stainless steel)
  • Both housings are designed with extra attention to detail to increase their reliability in the field, thereby reducing unplanned downtime and servicing costs. For example, the R423 uses a high impact polycarbonate lens to protect the LCD from knocks.
  • Simple setup - use the menu system directly via the alpha numeric keypad or the configuration utility View400 on a PC.
  • Operator friendly - large multi-segment display that uses logical prompts along with dedicated and programmable function keys. Tara device is easy to use, so that the weigh of e.g. snow can be excluded from the weighing.
  • Rugged Load Cell Input - Designed to take 16x320 ohm load cells; providing flexibility and reducing the need for summing hardware, simplifying the installation and saving money.  The load cell input is protected with onboard transorbs to limit damage from external voltage surges.
  • Networking Capability - Support for both Ethernet and Profibus DP to improve integration into larger control systems.
  • The indicator is protected in a way that weighing can not be influenced or disturbed by e.g. mobile phone waves.

The short technical description of the MTHM-18 weighbridge

Our weighbridges are made with steel beams with welding procedure, supported with 8 electronic load cells (HBM C16/ZOU 44A/20t or 30t). The electrical signals are going through an IP68 stainless junction box from the load cells to the display, which display is measuring the value. This junction box is installed in an electric box in the weighbridge, which electric box is sealed after installation.

The MTHM-18 weighbridge has 18 X 3 m usable area. It is up of 3 parts using connecting elements. The weighbridge main holders are made of IPE 240 Steel Beams. The six IPE (I) 240 main holders are located the length of the balance sheet, symmetrically. The distance between the inner holders is 1380mm, between the middle holders is 2030mm and between the wingers is 2680mm.

The weighing is working with 8 load cells. The distance of load cells is 5670mm. There are 4-4pcs flexible rubber buffer to protect the weighbridge from the movements.

Click here to view the sizes of the weighbridges schematically. The Δ sign shows where are the cells under the weighbridge.

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